Cam & Philene

Last Sunday we spent a great afternoon with this wonderful couple. Manly-man Cam (the groom-to-be) and his fiancé Philene showed up in Cam's new, old truck.  It was off to the farm with us!  On the way I had planned a beautiful vista shot overlooking Shuswap Lake but I hadn't anticipate how deep the snow would be.  Slowly we trekked through the snow, clearing a path, and my boots acted as shovels as they filled up with the cold and wet substance. Anything for a good shot!  It was a nice, overcast day but almost a little too dark at times.  The scenery looked great and so did this cute couple.  From there we headed to a nearby farm where we started at a white, old outbuilding and then from there we worked our way to an old barn.  When we were heading to the barn I noticed Cam & Philene sneaking a kiss through the window and decided we needed to set up a shot.  It's one of my favourite pictures of the day.  You can always go in to a shoot with some ideas but usually the best pics are the ones the happen naturally.  The barn proved to be a fun environment and we were happy to come out of it without any injuries or deaths!  The ledges that they were sitting on were pretty high, but Cam was on safety duty.  We ended the day at the barn door.  My wife Chelsie held the off-camera flash inside the building and had to practice her stealthiness so as not to be in the photo.  Soon enough it started getting quite cold and windy so we called it a wrap.  Thanks again Cam & Philene for a great time; we are really looking forward to your wedding!  

Posted on February 22, 2014 .