Family Photo's!

This past Sunday I had the chance to take family photos of the Johnson's. Earlier that week I spotted a beautiful green field that I thought would be great for the pics. It was 4:30 on Saturday; the sky was overcast and the ground was a lush green. I wanted to  get the effect of rolling green hills so we shot at the bottom the hill. We did some sitting and some standing pics. I brought some old luggage for the kids to sit on so we did some photos with those too. The kids were full of energy which was a lot of fun to work with and their parents were really smart too because they brought out a bubble machine. We ended the shoot with the photos by the old fence. The sun was starting to come back and the family was getting relaxed. My favourite photo is the one of the kids sitting on the luggage with the bubbles floating around. What's your?

Posted on April 23, 2013 .