Kyle & Alysha (Engagement)

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon but the scene lit up nicely with the happy couple.  We headed straight to the wharf hoping to beat the rain and crossed our fingers all the way there.  This was the first time that I really saw my buddy Kyle and his fiancé interacting with each other.  It took a little time to figure out who they were as a couple and how they enjoyed spending their time together, but very quickly I could tell that this would be a fun photo shoot.  As we walked around the wharf we settled on a place near the bird sanctuary, which I felt was fitting as one of the major connections between Kyle and Alysha is their faith.  
I was really digging the lighting and the low cloud and mountain back drop.  The surroundings and lighting were giving off this cool blue feel, which was awesome to work with.  As the couple started to get more relaxed the pictures were getting better and better.  On the walk back I spotted some cool pussy willows, so we added some fun shots with them.  Lastly,  just as it started to rain, we headed to Starbucks (Kyle's favourite hangout) to grab the last few frames.  In this shoot I really like picture #6.  Let me know what you like.  Thanks again Kyle and Alysha.   

Posted on March 23, 2013 .