Millar Promo Video 2013

I had the privilege of creating the 2013 Millar College of the Bible promo video.  Filming of interviews and b-roll were done over a couple of days.  I used a Gh2 and a Nikon d800 for all the video work.  The d800 had a 70-200mm lens on it for tight close ups and the gh2 had a 20mm pancake lens on it for wides.  The lighting was fun to set up; I have a lighting diagram if you want to take a look.  One problem that we ran into was that a volleyball practice started just near the end of the interviews and crept into the sound once and awhile.  It was a fun video to make and I'm looking forward to making another school video this coming March.  
Video at the bottom of the page.


Posted on February 27, 2013 .