David Crowder

My friend Jordy got my wife and me some tickets to Rush: an outreach event for youth. This year David Crowder was rockin his hillbilly looks and amazing sound to a packed gym of 1,500 youth and adults.  I had a hard time moving around with the crowd pushed up against the stage but I did manage to snap a bunch of frames.  I switched back and forth from a 70-200mm lens to a 14-24mm lens.  My Nikon d800 was my camera of choice that night and my ISO was jumping around but never over 2000.  Of all the frames my favorite was the last one of the night: the percussionist, with a admiring smile, staring at Crowder at the end of the show.  Let me know what your favorite pic is.  It's always cool to know what other pictures people are drawn to.  Thanks for looking.  Peace!

Posted on February 17, 2013 .